Saturday, December 21, 2013

New Calendar Promotes Emergency Preparedness Plan

The One Year Survival Calendar is exactly like it sounds, a one year, step-by-step guide to reach the goal of being self-sufficient enough to survive any disaster for up to a year or more.

What such recent natural disasters as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy have taught us is that a disaster could strike at any time, and that if one did, you are going to have to survive it on your own.

Even in supposedly technologically advanced nations like Japan and the US, emergency help can take at minimum days to arrive and even weeks and months. With the numerous potential disasters, both natural, and manmade, it would be foolish not to at least prepare three days’ worth of food and equipment

The One Year Survival Calendar goes even further and guides you to prepare to survive up to a year on your own.

The months are divided into four levels of preparedness based on how long one could survive without outside rescue or assistance.
Level 1 – 3 days
Level 2 - 3 weeks
Level 3 – 3 months
Level 4 – 1 year or more

The Preparedness Levels range from the simplest and least expensive, to progressively more complex and more expensive.
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On the right side of each month are lists of the skills you should learn, the equipment you should gather, and the supplies you should acquire for that month. On the left are pictures of the types of equipment that can help you choose your own equipment.

This calendar is a great motivator for anyone that has been planning on getting some emergency supplies together but haven’t found an easy and clear way to do so.

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